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What is a yeast infection

what is a yeast infection

Candidiasis is a fungal disease caused by over-multiplying Candida by yeast. It leads to infection and weakening of mucous membranes or nails. What is a yeast infection?

Yeast infection – symptoms

What are the symptoms of candidiasis? They can occur in three areas of the human body: nails, skin and mucous membranes. For nails, visible redness and swelling in the area are visible. In the worst cases, there may even be a purulent leak. In the case of mucous membranes, candidiasis is manifested by vaginal discharge (in the case of a fungal infection of the vagina), itching, burning and erosions. It is easy to recognize on the skin – there is a nagging itching, accompanied by a rash and erythematous spots.

A variety of factors can affect the onset of yeast infection, including:

  • long-term antibiotic therapy,
  • parenteral nutrition,
  • cancer, decompensated diabetes, bacterial and viral infectious diseases, malnutrition,
  • surgical procedures (transplantation, catheterization, implantation of prostheses),
  • radiotherapy, chemotherapy
  • pregnancy,
  • immune disorders, e.g. in the course of AIDS,
  • use of hormone and immunosuppressive therapy
  • alcoholism, drug addiction,
  • extensive traumatic and postoperative wounds.
yeast disease


The diet can promote the multiplication of yeast and the treatment of already existing candidiasis. It is recommended to eat fruit – grapefruit, orange, apple, apricots, lemon, lime, blueberries, plums, peaches – as well as brown rice, oatmeal, groats, eggs and oatmeal.

During the treatment of candidiasis, avoid carbonated drinks, alcohols, white flour products, sugars, blue cheese and white rice. You should significantly reduce the consumption of mayonnaise and ketchup.

There are also a few rules to minimize the risk of skin infection with thrush:

  • avoiding walking barefoot in swimming pools, public showers etc.
  • avoiding skin contact with constantly moist objects
  • avoiding sexual contact with potentially sick people
  • using only personal toiletries
  • undergoing regular examination for high risk factors

Diagnosis of yeast infection

If the above symptoms of skin disease are found, you should immediately report to a dermatologist. Symptoms will not go away on their own. During the visit to the dermatologist a mycological examination will be performed. After this, yeast treatment will begin.

Yeast infection treatment

Basic principles of treating yeast infection:

  • the right choice of medicine for which Candida yeast is sensitive
  • selection of the least toxic drug and the most appropriate depending on the coexisting diseases such as renal failure, liver damage
  • adequate treatment time, usually not less than 4-6 weeks
  • continuation of treatment despite resolution of symptoms
  • adequate hygiene of occupied places in the case of superficial mycosis.

The treatment is based on taking high doses of B vitamins by the patient. Antibiotics and other drugs in the form of creams, ointments and tampons are also helpful in combating yeast infection.


How to make Google my homepage

How to make Google my homepage

Setting your own home page often helps us to work more efficiently every day. This is not a difficult task, it can take even less than a minute. Depending on the browser, it looks slightly different. How to make Google my homepage?

How to make Google my homepage: Mozilla Firefox

To set the start page in the Mozilla Firefox web browser, click on the sign in the form of three parallel bars marked as “menu”, located in the upper right corner of the browser window. The Firefox general settings panel will then open. Then click on “Options”. In the general settings tab, in the “Home page” window, enter the address of the desired page, i.e. google.com

How to make Google my homepage: Google Chrome

In the upper right corner of the browser window for the sign in the form of three gray dots. Then the option window will appear. Click on “Settings”. find the “After launch” category. Select the “Open specific page or set of pages” option and click “Select pages”. Now just paste the full address. It’s best if you open the Google page in a new tab and copy the address. Ready!

homepage google

To set Google as your default search engine. In the upper right corner, click More and Settings. In the “Search engine” section, next to “Search engine used in the address bar”, click the down arrow. Choose Google as your browser.

How to make Google my homepage: Internet Explorer

Click Tools on the menu bar at the top of the browser window. Then select Internet options. Click the General tab and enter www.google.com in the ‘Home page’ section. Click OK and restart your browser.

How to make Google my homepage: Opera

The homepage setting in this browser is very similar to the homepage setting in Chrome. In the upper left corner of the browser window click on the Opera icon. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Then in the “After starting the browser” category check the box “Open selected page or set of pages” and enter the address of Google pages.

How to make Google my homepage: Safari

In the upper left corner of the screen select Safari, then Preferences and General. Select Home Page (next to “Open in new windows” and “Open in new tabs”). Near “Home”, enter www.google.com.

How to make Google my homepage: Microsoft Edge

In the upper right corner of the browser, select More and Settings. Scroll down to “Open Microsoft Edge browser from” and then select Specific pages. Open the list and click Custom. Here select “X” next to the current home page. Next to “Enter URL,” enter Google’s address and click plus.

If you can’t set Google as your start page, please reset your homepage. Select the browser above, and then replace Google with the page you want to be your homepage. Also check for unwanted programs. Perhaps they are the problem.

What is a heart murmur


Murmurs in the heart are sound phenomena that can be heard when auscultating the heart with a stethoscope. They should be diagnosed, because they can be a symptom of the disease. What is a heart murmur?

Heart murmur – what it is

Murmurs over the heart are vibrations that occur when the flow of blood through heart valves and blood vessels is disturbed. The detection of murmurs is not tantamount to diagnosing the disease. Detection of murmurs raises understandable concern, but we should not always be afraid of them. Murmurs over the heart may occur physiologically. This so-called innocent murmurs that appear in most healthy children and some adults. They do not require further diagnostics, but if in doubt as to their origin, an echo is made. In adults, newly found murmurs of the heart are much more likely to be verified by echocardiography, as they can indicate the presence of valvular defects, which are one of the most common heart disease.

heart murmur reasons

Causes of heart murmur

Some kind of valve malfunction: murmurs in the heart can be caused, for example, by mitral valve regurgitation. This is a genetic problem that may require some type of surgery in the long run.

Sometimes it is caused by diseases such as atherosclerosis, hence the proper health care and regular consultations with a cardiologist are of great importance.

Anemia is also believed to cause heart murmur. This statement is true and is caused by a shortage of red blood cells and therefore lower oxygen levels in the blood.

As a result, our heart is forced to pump blood faster, which can cause murmurs in the heart. Well, just watch out for your iron levels in this case!

Innocent heart murmurs

We speak of innocent murmurs when, despite their occurrence, no pathologies of the heart are found. Innocent murmurs are most common in preschool and school children, as well as in adults during fever or in pregnant women. To classify murmuring as innocent requires several of its characteristics, namely:

  • volumes – from 1/6 to 3/6 on the Levine scale,
  • variable volume or disappearance during: effort, emotions, fever,
  • no radiation.

The most common innocent murmurs are:

  • classic murmur – associated with turbulent blood flow during outflow from the left ventricle; it is a systolic murmur with a volume of 1-2 / 6,
  • pulmonary artery burst murmur associated with turbulent blood flow during outflow from the right ventricle, best audible in supine position,
  • venous buzzing – continuous, audible above the right clavicle resulting from blood flow in the jugular vein.


Diagnosis of heart murmurs is based on an interview, which brings a lot of important information, as well as physical examination. During auscultation of the heart, murmur is assessed and classified, and also looking for other irregularities, e.g. heart irregularities. After this, the doctor decides whether the patient should be under the care of a cardiologist.


How does an air fryer work


French fries are a delicious dish loved by both young and old. We can buy them in virtually all fast food outlets, but it’s much better and healthier to prepare them yourself at home. However, frying them in a pan is very impractical. Much faster and more convenient to make them in a modern deep fryer. How does an air fryer work?

Air fryers – tyes

Modern deep fryers can be equipped with a fat-free frying function and can be divided into:

  • deep fryer with baking function
  • fat free fryer

That is why the producers decided to meet these fears and equipped modern fryers with the function of baking or frying without using fat. Let’s see what the principle of their operation is.

fries from fryer

Fat-free fryer – how it works

No more deep-frying french fries! The fat free fryer prepares them with hot air. Its operation resembles a convector oven. The fries don’t fry, they bake in hot air, making them perfectly soft inside and crispy on the outside.

The device is equipped with a special system that distributes hot air very quickly and evenly throughout the interior of the fryer. In this equipment, we will prepare not only fries, but also vegetables or meat – evenly distributed air will make the dish bake exactly on each side.

How does the deep fryer with cooking function work

The deep fryer allows us to prepare French fries with much less fat than in the traditional way of preparing them. So it can be said that such a dish is healthier and more valuable.

Pour much less oil than usual into the deep fryer and then start the cooking function. Inside the fryer chamber, oil-soaked air circulates quickly, frying the fries in it

Because our fries were not soaked in oil, they are definitely less greasy. Still, they are crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. They also have a better smell than French fries prepared according to the classic method. This is due to the smaller amount of oil that is burned in the traditional way of frying. 

Fat free fryer – which one to choose

When choosing a fat-free fryer, there are a few things to note:

  • Power – the greater the power of the device, the faster we will prepare fries. Remember that low power devices may not bake food. It’s best to choose a fryer with a power from 1200 W to 2000 W, which can handle both fries, vegetables and meat.
  • Basket capacity – in stores you will find deep-fryers of various sizes, from 1 to 5 liters. If we prepare fries for 1-2 people, a small basket is enough, but if we prepare them as an addition to dinner for the whole family, it is definitely better to choose a larger capacity
  • Temperature range – the deep fryer allows baking at a temperature of 50 to 230 degrees Celsius. The possibility of adjustment allows you to adjust the temperature to the type of food we prepare or to the degree of baking that suits us.
  • Fryer price – prices for this type of equipment vary. We’ll buy the cheapest fat fryers for up to $ 100. The more additional functions we are interested in, the more expensive the device will obviously be. 


What Are The Best Holidays For Mattress Sales & Discounts?

What Are The Best Holidays For Mattress Sales & Discounts

Shopping for a new mattress is a lot of fun in one way because you are looking forward to the outcome. You want the best deal, and big expenses can bite your budget. That being said, there are some great mattress sales for you to discover. Which holidays are the best when it comes to finding mattress sales and discounts?

What you’re going to find is that you can find a mattress sale on pretty much any holiday. Brentwood Home Coupon website keeps track of the biggest sales each year. Keep in mind that companies often like to target the weekends for having sales. They want to give everyone a chance to be able to get to the store outside of work. The companies like to have sales on many of the holidays.
For example, Veterans Day is coming up soon as I’m writing this, and you’re likely to find some great sales. That doesn’t mean that every company out there is going to have a sale surrounding every holiday. There will be sales for some companies, however, and you can easily find out more information about them online.

Now, there is also a specific time of year in which you can find the best mattress deals, too. It starts in late winter, so think January and February after the first of the year. Up until Christmas, you can bet that mattress companies are trying to get sales, too, so that would also be a good time. After all, Christmas is one of the biggest holidays.

Yet after the New Year, mattress companies are clearing out their inventory. They want to get those sales, and they are putting some discounts out there for customers looking to buy beds. This type of sale usually continues into early spring. So you have some time to get your budget to buy a new bed before the new inventory is all in there and prices are back to being a little high.

Of course, mattresses can always be high priced. That is why it’s a good idea to search out a great deal. You know now when to watch out for sales, during holidays and from late winter to early spring. And of course, you can always spot the best deals at other times, too. Remember, however, that there are many holidays throughout the year, and companies are often holding sales. So you shouldn’t have to wait too long to hit another holiday and find a mattress sale.

What kind of a discount are you going to find? You’re likely to see a great deal right around the corner, but you just have to take a look. When is the next holiday? You could be reading this at any time, and you’re going to realize that a holiday is coming up at some point. You’re going to want to be on the lookout for the best mattress sale and see what prices you discover. You’re going to be surprised at just how much money you can save when you look around.