Why Social Media Has Revolutionized Marketing And Sales

During my many years of advising a large number of clients from much different industry on social media and online exposure there is a question that keeps being asked “this looks complicated – why can’t I just stick to traditional forms of marketing, after all, it’s always worked in the past?’

Sure – you could stick to above the line and below the line marketing but why on earth would you?

Traditional advertising and marketing are expensive routes to raising awareness of your product or services. Worst than that is no matter how carefully you segment your audience, and there’s still an element of the scatter gun to these sort of approaches. Of necessity, you’re looking to reach as many people as possible in the hope that at least some of them will be responsive to your messages. And the communication is one way. Whether it is television or radio advertising, or something as simple as a flyer slipped under a door the same ‘spray, you will just be hoping it works.

Also, take into account that today’s consumer is very different to the user of only a generation ago. Today’s social media user wants their information fresh and reactive, and they want to access that information on goods and services where they are and when they want it. These requirements simply cannot be met by traditional media.

With social media and an online presence even small and medium-sized enterprises can find their niche and target it with appropriate messaging that is tailored to very specific customer requirements. That means that even a small business does not have to compete with larger companies that can usually outspend and outlast them regarding their marketing spend.

As mentioned above using online and social media also allows the business to be incredibly nimble. Rather than waiting the extended amounts of time to gauge reactions to a marketing campaign the company can adjust their messaging and their offer on the fly. Measurement tools to gauge the reach and effectiveness of online campaigns are readily available, and many of them are incredibly easy to use.

This ensures that any online campaign is not only effective but delivers a consistently higher ROI when compared to traditional marketing.

In a nutshell, online marketing has revolutionized how companies relate to their customers and potential customers. Social media especially can give a company the tools to build and maintain brand loyalty and react quickly to shifts in customer requirements.

If you don’t want to take the first step yourself, there are numerous highly qualified service providers who can help you to harness the power of the social media and other online options.