Why dosing pumps are better in using than other packages

Cosmetics with pump packages are becoming more and more popular. No wonder – this kind of packaging is convenient and facilitates the use of cosmetics. But why is that? Why dosing pumps are better in using than other packages? Its all about their properties and the technology used.

Cosmetic dosing pumps: smart and convenient

Bottles with pumps are perfect, when used in shower gels, shampoos, or face cleansers – especially stored in the shower or on the wash basin and counter next to it. The other packages are less advantageous in such situations.

When you have a pump, you can just press it and bring the cosmetic onto your hand. There is no need to lift the bottle and squeeze it. Thanks to that, the bottle stays clean and can stand in the same place all the time.

Furthermore, you can suit pumps with every kind and size of glass or plastic bottle. They cant do well with jars, but still make your everyday care routine easier and faster. They are mostly made of polypropylene (PP), which is a very strong and durable material for cosmetics packages.

Foam-making pumps

You can also use foam-making pumps, which are perfect for shampoos or face gels. Such dosing pumps for cosmetics are perfect for disinfecting liquids – the foam will evaporate from your hands much faster and will not leave a sticky layer. This is a good solution in nail salons or doctors offices, as well as for home use.

Airless dosing pumps for cosmetics

You can also choose the airless bottles. They dont have a typical pump, but are perfect for face creams, serums and face tonics. This kind of pumps make the cosmetic formula protected and stayed fresh for a long time. The secret of the airless formula is protecting cosmetics from an oxygen impact. Thanks to that they cant be infected with microorganisms.

It also prevents putting fingers into the bottle or jar. This is a very hygienic solution, which is perfect for face and eye creams. These pumps are very popular among youths and people with problematic complexion.

Why are dosing pumps for cosmetics better than other packages?

As you can see, pumps are more hygienic, convenient in using, and can even prevent a mess in the bathroom (because you dont need to lift cosmetics with damp hands). They are also matched to every kind of bottle and perfect for many types of cosmetics – from shampoos and gels to face oils and serums.

Choose the classic or airless one and make your cosmetics easy to use and air impact protected. The other packaging is also necessary and used for many formulas, but pumps speed up daily care and keep cosmetics fresh for longer.


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